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Whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned gym-bunny looking for a fresh challenge, working out with the help of a Personal Trainer can be hugely beneficial. Trainers can help by tailor-making your own personal exercise plan to help you reach your goals and achieve results. They can teach you correct form, helping to prevent injury and ensure optimal results, while showing you exactly how to improve your individual strength and mobility.  Additionally, they can give a much needed dose of motivation and encouragement when things get tough.

Our Offers (contact to book):

- Single sessions £25

- Block sessions (5, 8, 10)


INITIAL CONSULTATION - We'll establish your current level of fitness and health. Typically, you’ll be asked to sign some forms and fill out a number of questionnaires on your lifestyle. It’s important to be honest here as they’re simply trying to get a gauge on what is safe for you to do. Let them know any basic medical information, including health issues, injuries, medication you’re taking etc.

A THOROUGH ASSESSMENT - After your initial consultation, we will offer to take body composition measurements, recording your weight and taking chest, waist, hips, legs and arms measurements. At our clinic we have the use of a machine called Boditrax, which is a great device that tells you more than 15 facts about your body in a matter of minutes. By having this information recorded, you’ll be able to track your progress a lot easier.

A TAILORED SESSION - After your consultation and assessment we will put you through your first session pushing you to be the best you can be to enable you to reach your goals. Every session you have with us will be specific to your goals and how you are feeling on the day.

6 WEEK CONSULTATION - At the 6 week stage of your journey we will sit down again and go through the progress you have made as well as retesting your fitness and body measurements to enable self assessment. 


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