Do you want to improve you golf game?

We have the facilities and expertise to take any level of golfer through our performance programme, whether your a junior player wanting to play professionally, an adult who plays recreationally with their friends or a professional looking to tweak there swing to reach their optimal level of performance. Our aim when taking you through the individualised programme is to enhance your gold performance and decrease your injury risk. 



Our services: 

  • Golf specific movement assessments - we'll take you through a detailed movement analysis to identify personal physical limitations and common dysfunctions that are effecting your golf performance as well as what's increasing your injury risk.

  • Golf specific strength & conditioning - Based on the initial consultation and assessment we will then create a individualised specific plan which will be aimed at improving your golf and physical performance. Each plan we create is specific to every golfer working on a 4 step approach - test, programme, train, re-assess.

  • Injury rehabilitation - if you do sustain injury we can rehabilitate your injury and return you to golf participation safely and efficiently whilst reducing your risk of injury recurrence. 

What you will specifically gain/develop:

  • Lower your overall scores

  • Prevent golf related injuries enabling your to play more frequently and consistently

  • Have a biomechanical sound golf swing 

  • Improve club head speed

  • Improve shot accuracy 

  • Improve driving distance​​